Hi I'm Marty, I have been a lover of cartoons, comic books, animation and art for as long as I can remember. When I was a youngster it was watching things like Tom and Jerry with my Dad, Disney and a love of comic books that lead me to start drawing.

It was for a Cubs art badge that I first produced some cartoons, copying some of my favourite characters. I had them at school and my tutor loved them, he show them to the art teacher who blankly refuted them and said that I needed to come up with my own originals, yeh fair enough....I did!

BBC came to my school and asked if anyone did anything interesting, I was volunteered and I produced some comics that were serialised on that summers 'Why Don't You?' programme. I also won some competitions drawing on TV.

Art college and that path didn't fit me when I was a youngster I wanted to study animation, but there was only one course in the country, I wanted to be a cartoonist.

I went freelance upon leaving college and in the 90's drew for magazines and newspapers, with a regular comic called 'The Clansmen' in the Inverness Courier...something I'm looking to relaunch.

My TV and media work is leading me into some exciting developments so watch this space! 

Thanks for enjoying my cartoons, remember, they're fun! 

Also politely! My art like all art is copyright of me. If you would like to use it for something please don't without my permission or payment. It is not for commercial re-use or reproduction in any form.